An author and an industrialist

In later part of 20th century India witnessed rise of two prominent figures, one being Industrialist Late Shri Dhirubhai and another being author Rajneesh. Both were from entirely different streams of work but rise and fame both of them was phenomenal and similar.
Here astrology provides the cause behind, both had their moon placed in invigorating asterism of Poorvashaada ( Kaus Media and Kaus Australis ; Sagittarri )

Now see how celestial positions affect brings challenges in life and also imparts ideas to tackle circumstances.
Both of them were having similar predicament. Books wholesaler had stonewalled Rajneesh as cloth wholesalers had Dhirubhai. Rajneesh also was loading his newly printed books in the boot of his baby Austin car and going about the city piling them at the books retailer counters on similar terms as Dhirubhai was offering to the retail cloth merchants. 
Both of them crossing same road everyday with same spirit in their respective cars of same brand.

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It is known to us from scriptures that how adorable was Lord Krishna and how docle yet masculine was Lord Rama.

Now by observing ascendant of their birthchart we see exactly similar occurances i.e. exalted moon (natural benefic ) in ascendant of Lord krishna and own signed moon conjunct exalted jupiter in ascendant of Lord Rama. Moon imparting empathy and beauty while Jupiter imparting wisdom and masculinity.


Adolf hitler had immense respect for Henry ford.

Hitler favored Ford’s anti Semitic views and praised the newspaper, The Dearborn Independent, he published which by all accounts contained articles that were shabbily written. Ford’s book, The International Jew was widely distributed in North America and Europe.

In 1931, two years before he became the German chancellor, Adolf Hitler gave an interview to a Detroit News reporter in his Munich office, which featured a large portrait of Ford over the desk of the future führer. The reporter asked about the photo.

“I regard Henry Ford as my inspiration,” Hitler told the News.

Hitler’s ravings and public speeches against Jews frequently were based on Ford’s anti-Semitic literature,” Ford expert David Lewis wrote.

He also admired Ford’s business acumen of being able to produce so many cars at a low price. Hitler was envious of the American life and wanted to reply it in Germany. He wanted to build the Volkswagen as a German equivalent of the Model T. A car that all could afford.

“Experts on Hitler have noted Ford’s literature influenced Hitler’s writing in “Mein Kampf.” Reading “The International Jew,” which became a hit in Germany after being published in German in 1922, helped push Hitler further into “conspiratorial anti-Semitism,” Thomas Weber wrote in “Becoming Hitler: The Making of a Nazi.”” Ford is the only American mentioned in Mein Kampf.

“In summer 1938, with the German Wehrmacht having marched into Austria, and despite years of deflecting charges he was an anti-Semite, Ford accepted a 75th birthday present from Hitler. It was the Grand Cross of the Supreme Order of the German Eagle, the highest award the regime bestowed on foreigners.”

Birthchart of both the famous personalities of 20th century seem entirely different yet closely related.

what Hitler lost that Ford gained. Hitler had intense affection for motherland ( jupiter moon conjunction in 4th house ) and urge to regain lost status of Germany via revolution (too strong 8th house of chart )

while Ford evolved his worth because of empowered 2nd house of chart ( polar opposite of 8th ) and contributed a lot of industrial productivity to his motherland ( north node in 4th house )


In 2021 AD while world witnessed water related calamities in various forms ( natural as well as man made ) like never before in known history. Be it glacier melting , cloud bursts , war among island nations , Suez Canal crisis , floods , heavy unexpected rainfall ruining life in several cities , a water borne disease affecting whole of mankind.

All this happened when malefics were transiting moon ruled asterisms